For purpose of sanity… get outta the house!!

6A30E962-3A45-4CB5-80B9-F5B4A2C540EAI’m making my second trip to the supermarket this week. What may seemed like a Mission Impossible turns out quite manageable with some pre-planning and time-keeping. If you are planning to run some errands or get some fresh air with your little one (without company), you may want to:-

(1) Keep the duration short. Babies need their naps (unless you are driving and/or bringing along a stroller), they don’t usually sleep very well in a carrier (even if they do, it’s more like a power nap)

(2) To minimise the no. of things to bring out, I travel in between feedings. It largely depends on your baby’s feeding schedule. For instance if it’s a 3hr interval feeding schedule, I’ll leave the house as soon as I’ve fed him and be home before the next feeding.

(3) For the above reason (2), I don’t travel far – approx. at most 15mins drive from home. That’ll allow sufficient time to get home quickly in a cab if need be. With a plan in mind to reduce travelling time, you’ll also get more time to walk around or do your errands!

(4) Pack light. I usually travel with just a backpack and a baby carrier – either the Tulu (which is a gift from my Sister) or the Baby K’tan (which is super lightweight – I should write a post on this great buy)! Backpacks are a no-brainer although I still see many mommies struggling with their huge shoulder bags *shrugged* Oh, in case you missed out on no. (2), coz’ I travel in between feedings, I don’t have to bring out porridge, milk bottles, milk powder, water flask, etc! Ooh La La!!

(5) Wear clothes with DEEP pockets – at least two front pockets (having back pockets would be a bonus). They are for storing a small pack of wet wipes &/or tissue for incidental mess or simply to clean up dirt (pardon my OCD-ness), your house keys (so that you don’t have to reach for your backpack digging for them when you get home), and your Ezlink card or some cash (depending on your mode of transport). I’ve tried using a sling bag but I find the strap (no matter how thin) getting in the way with baby in front of me.

(6) Wear slip-ons comfy shoes. Easy to put on and take off (dual-meaning literally).

(7) Plan your route or at least your shopping list. Of course there could be spontaneous shopping spree (if you can spare the extra cash) but not after you’ve done with your essentials. Priorities, period. You wouldn’t want to be caught rummaging through the shelves searching for that item while baby is wailing loudly in hunger! Don’t forget to keep track of his next feeding time!

However, Murphy’s Law states, ‘anything that can go wrong will go wrong’. Things may not go according to plan on some days but these are the unforgettable moments will become treasured stories for you to share. Treat each outing as an adventure and just be in the moment and enjoy!!


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