Sweet dreams

It’s a quarter to nine on a sunny Monday morning at Starbucks. I have the best view from my seat and I’m taking slow sips of my mint tea (Yes, I’m the rare breed of beings who can survive mornings without coffee) while observing busy commuters rushing by.

Since Sunday night, Monday blues have been the focal topic on social media – from parents with school-going kids to office workers and professionals. Lamenting the short weekend that flew by and how a new week is about to begin.

Monday doesn’t seem blue at all”, as I think to myself, while taking another sip of my Mint tea. “Hmmm… refreshing!”

I checked my reflection via the selfie camera mode on my mobile phone. Hair colour checked. Visited the salon just a day before, to get a highlight which was all over Instagram. I seriously think I rock the new colour.

Took another sip of tea before I turned to my iPad for some quick reads. I love reading, and could easily spend an entire morning just soaking in books or articles (no preference for hard copy or digital) just so long the genre and style of writing are to my liking.

As I took the last few sips of my tea, I’ve this sinking feeling that I’ve forgotten something really important. My memory has been playing hide-and-seek ever since I was pregnant. “Oh wait a minute, what am I doing here!? OMFG!!! Where is my baby!?”

I opened my eyes. The clock struck 5am, barely 4 hours since I hit the sack. Baby is wailing from his cot. Awesome start to my Monday.

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